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Client Objective

The core objectives for this campaign are to:

  • Establish then reinforce Ayesha’s standing as the UK’s leading family law commentator and ‘Britain’s top divorce lawyer’.
  • Reach high net worth individuals and reinforce Vardags’ standing as one of the country’s leading family law firms.
  • Profile team members to demonstrate the expertise, talent and passion running through the business.

Originality and Creativity

We are constantly responsive to the news agenda, ensuring that Vardags are commenting on and responding to all relevant stories from legal victories to high profile relationship breakdowns.

By offering a different perspective, Ayesha’s appeal has grown beyond legal circles and made her the top choice for comment across mainstream media.

Strategy and Implementation

  • Expert Commentary: through a combination of thought leadership articles, broadcast interviews,news commentary stories and quotes on the day’s biggest legal issues – often cases Vardags are directly involved in – we seek to ensure that Vardags are included in any breaking story around the topic of family law.
  • Features: we work to secure detailed lifestyle features to give prospective clients a greater understanding of Ayesha as a person, building empathy and trust.
  • Business Profiling: we continue to generate a range of profile pieces on Vardags and its team members in the national and business press, with the primary focus on Ayesha.


Results and Evaluation

Now in our third year of working with Vardags, we continue to secure sustained, quality coverage in titles including The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times, BBC Radio Five Live and Mail Online.

Featured publications

  • Daily Telegraph
    Daily Telegraph
  • Times
  • Guardian
  • You Magazine
    You Magazine