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How To Build A Successful Awareness Campaign

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We all know that Awareness Days are a great hook for a media story, a fantastic opportunity to shed light on an issue or to get your charity featured in the right publications. However, with more than 350 Awareness Days taking place every year, some journalists are wary of commissioning stories around them. Some will even flat out refuse.

So how do you make sure that your awareness day campaign stands out from the crowd and tells the story of your charity?

Our free e book tells you:  

  • What to consider before you embark on an awareness day campaign
  • How to define the success of your awareness day campaign: setting the right KPI’s for your organisation
  • How to plan and execute and Awareness Day Campaign
  • How to get results and coverage from your Awareness Day Campaign

We’ve even included a real life case study of our work with Living Streets around National Walking Month to show you just how effective the right campaign can be.  

If you’d like assistance with planning an Awareness Day Campaign or this guide sparks some ideas for discussion, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.