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The Complete Guide to Charity PR

What’s in this download?..

With over 180,000 charities in England and Wales, a planned PR programme is instrumental in raising awareness and funds.

Effective communications are vital for charities of all shapes and sizes. Whilst investment is needed, effective public relations can be delivered to any budget and if handled correctly can help enhance the public’s view of your charity and of your work. Ultimately it can raise much needed funds.

In this ebook we will explore:

  • Why a charity would use a Public Relations agency.
  • The challenges faced by charities in todays climate.
  • How to implement a creative campaign for your charity
  • How to make the most of events for your charity
  • How to make the most of a charity awareness day
  • The benefits of celebrity endorsement and how to secure this.
  • How to deal with a crisis and to plan ahead to protect yourself
  • How to effect policy and engage with lobbying and political campaigns
  • How to choose the right trustee for your charity
  • How to build a Charity website

Our ebook has been written by a host of experts in the field of Charity PR, Political Strategy, and social media strategy to give you a unique insight into Charity communications.