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Run the perfect PR event

What’s in this download?..

Running a successful PR event can be one of the most effective ways to generate buzz and excitement for your brand.

Not only can it  result in mass media coverage and attention – it can help you cement relationships with influential journalists and bloggers that will be integral to your PR strategy for years to come.

At PHA Media we have run events for everyone from well known brands like Disney, Jeans for Genes and UFC to events for challenger brands, innovative start-ups and charities – in this free download we reveal some of our big secrets for planning the perfect PR event.

In this ultimate PR event bible we provide you with a checklist covering all the bases including how to plan your event, how to run the event and, importantly, what you should do post event.

We hope you find the guide useful and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Alternatively if you’d like help planning you next PR event you can contact us here to talk to one of our leading PR agency experts.