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Crisis Management for a CEO

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When it comes to crisis management in recent years CEOs have been subject to more scrutiny than ever before. Tony Hayward’s famous handling of the BP Deepwater Horizon, for example, has gone down in history as a classic example of how not to do it. Yet there are also many more examples of CEOs who have successfully protected the image of their respective companies.

In this free PR Agency Insight download strategic communications expert Neil McLeod outlines what he sees as the five most important areas all CEOs must consider if faced with a crisis.

Neil draws in his 20 years experience in journalism and PR to illustrate how, when it comes to a crisis, CEOs should lead from the front and always be prepared to be the target of media focus.

From Alton Towers to German Wings, he sites numerous examples of tragic events and Crisis PR situations where CEOs have been called upon to face the media during extremely difficult and emotional times.

During such moments when the “microscope is even more intense” the role of CEO and being able to demonstrate empathetic and decisive leadership is never more important.