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How To Manage A Successful PR Stunt

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PR stunts have become increasingly popular over the years. But it’s a risky business. When done well PR stunts can significantly raise brand awareness and capture public imagination. When a stunt fails it can leave you out of pocket and publically humiliated.

So how do you ensure your PR stunt goes without a hitch?

Our free ebook examines:


  • Things to consider before you embark on a PR stunt
  • If a PR stunt is the right tactic for your brand to undertake
  • How to plan and strategise a successful stunt
  • How to execute the stunt on the day
  • How to give you stunt mileage after the event.


If you’d like assistance with planning a PR stunt or this guide sparks some ideas for discussion, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.