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Charity & Cause PR Resources

Looking for expert advice and top tips on Charity PR? Our guides have been put together by the UK’s leading charity PR and marketing experts, to offer your support where you need it the most.

We’re constantly enhancing our research to ensure that these insights are relevant and useful. However, if you need extra support or our guides spark ideas for discussion, get in touch with our Charity PR experts?

How can Charities change policy on a shoestring?

Politics can be confusing for charities, especially when you’re operating on a small budget that is being stretched multiple ways. So how can charities go about getting involved in politics on a shoestring?

Dog Animal Pet Charity Campaign Creative Best

Top 5 Creative animal charity campaigns of all time

Animal charities occupy a great deal of space in the third sector and have created some of the most successful campaigns that we’ve seen in recent years.
It seems shocks tactics are on the way out, and in their place, we are seeing a series of imaginative and varied campaigns that really work to capture and maintain people’s attention.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation PHA Media Charity Website

How to build a charity website

A charity’s website is a vital part of any organisation. It is the medium in which they can reach out to an audience and engage with their donors. We tell you how to maximise your website.

Choosing a Celebrity Ambassador

Before embarking on a celebrity-led campaign, it's important for charities to identify showbiz personalities who will be right for the brand. Here's how..

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