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Build Enhance Protect: Complete guide to your online brand

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 Over 85% of the British adult population own a smartphone, so your online reputation has never been more vital. In today’s digitally driven world, where information on a topic can be accessed in a matter of seconds, your online reputation could be the difference between a sale or not.

Customers, potential clients and would-be business partners will almost always use Google on the first run of the due diligence ladder. They would expect Page 1 search results to contain a host of information about the subject they are looking into.

So, forming a public relations strategy to build, enhance & protect your online reputation is essential to any successful business.

In this eBook we will explore;

  • Why does online reputation matter?
  • The modes of online reputation
  • Do you know what people think of you? Measuring the online value of your brand
  • Case Study: Taking on the trolls, how to prevent cyber bullying destroying your online reputation
  • Maintaining and monitoring your online reputation

This eBook has been written by experts specialising in a number of areas relating to online reputation management.  We hope that you find it a useful and insightful read.