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We have expertise in

Corporate communications

Never before has the need to communicate your corporate story been so great.

Doing it with conviction, control and transparency are important elements. We tailor-make PR campaigns to give companies the power to tell their corporate story, improving perception in both the B2B and B2C spheres. We also give CEOs the power to communicate effectively with key stakeholders by arming them with the skills and opportunities to make their voices heard.

Industry thought leadership

Want to underline your status as the go-to company in your sector?

We conceptualise and produce research projects for our clients which serves to promote them as thought leaders in their respective industries.

We create bespoke media campaigns around individual pieces of thought leadership and advise on projects which are outsourced to other companies.

Trade media relations

The power of trade media in B2B communications should never be overlooked. As well as harnessing top-level national media contacts who are writing about latest industry trends, we also drive strategies to enhance profile in trade publications.

We identify the best stories your business can tell to interested parties, craft them and then use relationships with journalists to see them through to publication.

Our work serves to underline to your sector – and the sectors key to your B2B PR – ensuring your finger is on the pulse.

Strategic reputation consultancy

Your business reputation cannot be left to chance.

It’s also important not to be lured into the trap of thinking dealing with the negatives is the only priority. You need a plan in place to enhance as well as protect.

We work with companies to do both, putting in place strategies to cope with bad news which is due to hit, as well as getting under the skin of companies to find out what makes them tick – and implementing driven campaigns to bolster reputation.


The 5% Club

The 5% Club is an industry-led apprentices & graduates campaign involving several listed and privately owned companies.

Lionsgate logo

Lionsgate UK

Lionsgate is one of the world’s leading entertainment studios. The company currently has more than 30 television shows on over 20 different networks.


University of the Arts London

The University of the Arts is one of the world’s leading centres for creative education, comprising of six constituent colleges.


Burford Capital

Media outreach for Burford Capital's end of year and interim results in the UK & Hong Kong. Created PR plan for new Judgement Enforcement Business.

  • What are B2B communications?

    What are B2B communications?

    In short, it refers to a strategy which enables a business to communicate with other businesses, with the aim to boost credibility, reputation, coverage and often, ultimately sales. It is different to B2C, which refers to business communicating with consumers.

  • Why do I need a B2B communications plan?

    Why do I need a B2B communications plan?

    This will depend on what your market is. If your customer base is other businesses, then a B2B communications plans is vital.

  • Can a PR agency help me boost my reputation?

    Can a PR agency help me boost my reputation?

    Done correctly, yes. There are various PR tactics to be used in the B2B sphere which are ultimately geared towards the boosting of your reputation amongst other businesses.

  • Is engaging with trade press important?

    Is engaging with trade press important?

    Trade press is often overlooked but can be invaluable to B2B communications. The importance of a leading trade title can often outstrip the desire to be featured in a national title for many businesses. In some sectors, trade titles are considered the voice of a particular industry. Fostering relations with key journalists on these titles is an important element of any B2B PR plan. It is often a different skill to engaging with national journalists, and the delivery of ideas and content to them will also be different. They are overlooked at your peril.

  • Would a B2B communications plan also encompass the business pages of national newspapers?

    Would a B2B communications plan also encompass the business pages of national newspapers?

    Yes, most B2B comms plans would be rounded in terms of targets and objectives. Business you are trying to connect with may well also be avid readers of the FT, or the Telegraph or Times business sections. These titles would also be read by potential investors and other interested parties, so engaging with them is also important. But these publications require different types of stories to the trade press and this must be carefully considered.

  • My company is a fast-growth SME. Are B2B communications important to me?

    My company is a fast-growth SME. Are B2B communications important to me?

    As with previous answers, the nature of your business will determine this. But the point to remember here is that it is not determined by size, or level of growth – it is by requirement.

  • Can a London agency offering PR complement our overall B2B marketing strategy?

    Can a London agency offering PR complement our overall B2B marketing strategy?

    The answer is it can not only complement, it can enhance. If your marketing strategy is based primary on adverts and not PR, there is an array of tactics you are not using. The most obvious is that you are not telling a compelling story about your business. This is arguably the best way to inform potential business partners about your journey, passion and know-how.

  • Why do I need corporate media training?

    Why do I need corporate media training?

    Professional media training is vital for leaders of any corporation, in particular the CEO. In a world of 24/7 communication, it has never been more important to prepare yourself for any media situation, in particular where key messages need to be prepared for a crisis situation. Without preparation, even the sharpest executives can come unstuck in the media spotlight, and one muddled answer on radio or television can severely damage a business reputation. PHA Media’s specialist team of media trainers are industry leaders in providing in-comprehensive coaching for all media situations, from live broadcast scenarios to in-depth print interviews.

  • We have never engaged with internal communications. What are we missing?

    We have never engaged with internal communications. What are we missing?

    Good internal communication facilitates positive conversations within your organization, between leaders, managers and all employees. Done well, internal communication can help ensure your workforce is committed, and can enhance collaboration, productivity and performance. Effective internal communication puts the employee at the centre of the organisation and that genuine, honest, two-way dialogue can form a platform through which an organisation will flourish.

  • My business is under attack in the financial media. What can be done about this?

    My business is under attack in the financial media. What can be done about this?

    When a company is faced with an unforeseen crisis, its very reputation is at stake – often with billions of dollars of market value hanging in the balance. PHA Media’s team of specialists are industry leaders in helping organizations prepare for unexpected crises. It is vital to demonstrate leadership and command of a situation through the implementation of a robust crisis plan. This includes ensuring accurate representation of facts in the media, by engagement with stakeholders to ensure maintanance of credibility and by identifying all legal avenues and consequences. By preparing throroughly for every scenario, you can help ensure business continuity in any given event.

  • How can PHA Media help me restore and maintain corporate reputation?

    How can PHA Media help me restore and maintain corporate reputation?

    The most effective way to protect your corporate reputation is to put in place a detailed response plan for a range of situations that have the potential to threaten business value, operations and reputation. We will work with you to plan for every scenario, devising a crisis management plan and media training programme for your leadership team. With a long-term view to maintain and build corporate reputation, our specialist team will customize a communications campaign to help you re-establish industry leadership, through positive and pro-active engagement with the media.

Who we work with

  • Lionsgate
  • Burford
  • Arabesque Partners
  • Powwownow
  • Value Retail
  • Crystal Palace FC
  • UAL
  • 5% Club
    5% Club
  • C&C Alpha
  • Lotus


PHA’s relationships across the business media, and thought leadership work, is first class. The ability to communicate properly is of vital importance to listed companies such as Burford. In particular, our thought-leadership article in The Times and appearance on CNBC were delivered by PHA Media and were superbly impactful ways of helping us communicate our corporate message.

Nick Rowles-Davies, Managing Director of Burford Capital (UK)

“I would not hesitate to recommend PHA Media. They go to great lengths to understand their client’s business and brand strategy, and are highly professional in achieving impactful media coverage that’s aligned to key business objectives. Their team is friendly, dedicated and proactive at all times.”

Ross Williams, Venntro founder

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