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Campaigns and Causes

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If you need to influence Ministers, change government policy or get Members of Parliament to see your point of view, PHA’s experienced Public Affairs team can help you.

Our approach won’t be the same as other agencies, it will be strategic, creative, data driven and tailor made to meet your objectives and suit your way of working.

Our team have firsthand experience of working at the heart of Westminster, Whitehall and Party politics and offer our clients the kind of insight that really counts when seeking to influence politicians.

Campaign PR

We will implement a dynamic, effective and responsive PR campaign to raise the profile of your issue and to apply pressure to decision makers.

Our highly proactive Campaigns and Causes PR team specialise in bringing campaigns to life in a manner that generates interest the media and gets your issue in the news.

We will help you shape opinion, through well written and carefully placed thought leadership articles.

We are experts at maximising the news agenda, generating multiple high impact pieces of coverage during a concerted period.

Digital Campaigning

Modern campaigns are brought to life online.

Whether that’s through an engaging and well-designed website, attention grabbing social media content, creative video, or viral initiatives, PHA Media’s Creative Strategy team can offer everything your campaign needs to maximize interest and engage potential supporters.

Our digital monitoring service also provides a great way to measure the success of your campaign, allowing you to see in numeric or graphical terms just how your influence is growing.

Integrated campaigns

The most successful campaigns are integrated campaigns and this is what PHA Media does best.

We can offer our full suite of campaign services to allow you maximum influence and reach in a cost effective and mutually reinforcing way.

Decision makers don’t just operate in a bubble: what they see in the media and on social media is just as important as what they receive in their postbag or inbox or hear in a face to face meeting.

Our integrated approach produces results. This year we have been shortlisted for a prestigious national Public Affairs Award.

Young Enterprise | PHA Media

Young Enterprise Tenner Relay

The Tenner Challenge is a national competition that gives young people a taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

Living and Dying Well

An integrated, award winning campaign to successfully make a think tank's case against a Private Members Bill to legalise doctor assisted suicide.


PHA’s campaign for frozen pensions overseas for ICBP was instrumental in raising awareness of the issue and establishing support for unfreezing pensions

Statues Of Justice

Criminal Bar Association

A PR led campaign working with a professional body against legal aid cuts, winning public support and securing significant government concessions.

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PHA Media delivered a high-quality service for Living and Dying Well. They enabled us to reach large numbers of MPs and to brief them on the key issues in the 'assisted dying' debate.  PHA also connected us with the print and electronic media and ensured that our voice was heard in the run-up to the debate in the House of Commons on Rob Marris's Assisted Dying Bill.  They also established for us a strong presence in social media, a field into which we had not ventured previously.  We believe this raising of awareness of the issues played an important part in the outcome of the parliamentary debate.

Robert Preston, Incoming Director, Living and Dying Well

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