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Charity PR

We have expertise in

Fundraising Campaigns

We know fundraising is a crucial element for the majority of charity campaigns. We work with our clients to ensure strong donation call to actions and fundraising drivers are at the forefront of our campaigns and secured in the appropriate media and broadcast outlets, to deliver tangible results.

We have a proven track record of successfully developing and delivering emotive campaigns that express the needs of the charity and why donations are important and ultimately engage potential donors.

We have the experience, knowledge and creativity to work with different charities, to understand their end goals, and shape an effective campaign that achieves set fundraising objectives.

Integrated Campaigns

We understand how important it is for charities to utilise different platforms to target relevant audiences.  We regularly devise strong ‘traditional PR’ and social media campaigns that engage a wide audience and work simultaneously to promote key messages and meet client objectives.

We work with our clients to develop bespoke integrated campaigns that work for them. Aside from social media, we also have the expertise in running an integrated PR campaign that encompasses lobbying and public affairs.

Issue Led Campaigns

We are experts in delivering issue led campaigns that make a difference.

PR is a crucial tool in influencing decision makers at higher levels, and we have the skills to highlight certain issues with maximum and effective exposure. Whether it is through story placements in the media, social media activity, or a face-to-face meeting with those responsible for change, our award-winning team have regularly led to legislative or government change and boosted the profile of issues we have been tasked to do.

Awareness Campaigns

Raising public awareness of a charity and campaign is something we specialise in.

It is a crowded market, with lots of charities, some with similar missions and goals, competing for the same resources. We know how important it is therefore for charities to shout the loudest and have their key messages clearly and succinctly communicated.

We have the skills, knowledge and expertise in raising mass awareness as well as awareness in smaller groups or sectors in society, to generate the most effective exposure for our clients.

Breakthrough Cancer

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Breakthrough Breast Cancer launched a new fundraising campaign called Breakthrough Booby Birds.

Jeans for Genes

Generating widespread media coverage by working with celebrity ambassadors and real life case studies. Planning and managing campaigns annual launch party

Young Enterprise | PHA Media

Young Enterprise Tenner Relay

The Tenner Challenge is a national competition that gives young people a taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

SSAFA Big Brew Up

PHA Media’s Charity team were tasked with launching and raising awareness of SSAFA’s annual Big Brew Up initiative for 2015

  • Why should I hire a PR agency?

    Why should I hire a PR agency?

    A good PR agency will make you stand out from the crowd. We will give you access to the most relevant influencers for your charity, and will ensure your key messages cut through the noise and ultimately win the attention of the right target audience. A leading agency can help you increase brand awareness, boost fundraising donations, win awards, and make sure you stay on the front foot in your market.

  • What is the difference between a PR agency and an in-house charity PR team?

    What is the difference between a PR agency and an in-house charity PR team?

    A PR agency is a company that works for multiple clients either in one sector, or across many different sectors. An in-house charity PR team is a team that works solely for a particular organisation. We work with lots of clients over different sectors which gives us an advantage in many areas applicable in the third sector, for example, crisis management, political lobbying, profile raising, event management and celebrity endorsements. We have specialist teams across the agency in different fields and we cherry pick the right team for all our charity clients to make sure objectives are met.

  • What is the difference between a charity and consumer campaign?

    What is the difference between a charity and consumer campaign?

    Devising and implementing a charity PR campaign requires a clear understanding of the third sector and maintaining ethical standards, as well as the key components that influence opinion-formers, and enhance reputation. We know that each charity we work with requires a targeted, strategic approach. With this in mind we take the time really get to know the specialist nature of our third sector clients so we can effectively communicate the important key messages to consumers through the press.

  • How can PR help raise awareness of a specific cause?

    How can PR help raise awareness of a specific cause?

    PR is the best way to raise awareness of a cause, or campaign amongst the media and target audiences. We work with our clients from the outset to establish their key objectives, and work towards those goals and specific cause. We have extensive experience with tapping into specific audiences to increase fundraising, as well as raising awareness of important causes through a full range of PR communication techniques.

  • How can PR help boost fundraising?

    How can PR help boost fundraising?

    PR is a great tool to boost donations from core and new demographics. We work with our clients to create strategic campaigns that are centred towards encouraging the general public or specific groups to donate to a fantastic cause, through activities such as charity stunts, case study placements, celebrity endorsements, surveys, research and reports.

  • How can PR help drive sign-ups for my charity campaign?

    How can PR help drive sign-ups for my charity campaign?

    Similarly to fundraising, PR can be a vital tool in securing sign-ups for particular initiatives or events. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise in creating campaigns for our third sector clients to help drive these crucial sign-ups across the UK or in smaller local areas, take a look at our case studies for our SSAFA Big Brew Up and Jeans for Genes campaign. We work with our clients to set targets for the number of sign-ups so they can measure our success.

  • Can a PR agency handle crisis communications?

    Can a PR agency handle crisis communications?

    Established PR agencies will be able to handle a crisis situation, but it is important to make sure they have the experience and skills in this area, as it is vital a crisis situation is managed quickly and effectively. We are leaders in UK crisis and reputation management. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide game-changing advice during a crisis, and can devise and execute strategic plans in order to communicate key messages effectively and minimise potential issues or risks to the reputation of your charity or organisation.

  • Can a PR agency look after social media as part of a wider charity campaign?

    Can a PR agency look after social media as part of a wider charity campaign?

    PR agencies with a specialist social media team can implement a strategic and effective integrated charity campaign that can be extremely powerful. We have an in-house Creative Strategy team who are skilled experts in planning, creating, managing and engaging with social communities, and regularly produce viral and promo videos and establish blogger outreach programmes for a broad range of clients.

  • Can a one-off PR charity campaign be effective?

    Can a one-off PR charity campaign be effective?

    Yes, short term and one-off campaigns can be extremely effective and meet all necessary objectives. We work with our clients on specific launches or seasonal projects as well as 6 and 12 month campaigns.

  • What are the benefits of working with a specialist charity PR team?

    What are the benefits of working with a specialist charity PR team?

    Working with a specialist agency will ensure your brand is successfully navigated through a crowded fundraising space. We have the resource and knowledge to raise profiles, influence key opinion-formers, and deliver effective media relations, according to your objectives and budget.

  • What results can a PR agency deliver?

    What results can a PR agency deliver?

    A PR agency can help ensure your charity receives the media exposure you deserve, while delivering an integrated strategy which will engage with your target audience. We immerse ourselves in each of our client campaigns and provide constant energy, passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. We have vast experience in achieving high quality press coverage across consumer media, which we strive to achieve for every client. We are transparent with our clients and produce weekly and monthly activity reports so they are fully updated with our work and the results we have achieved.

  • How will you measure success?

    How will you measure success?

    We measure success by identifying clear KPIs with our clients from the outset. This means our clients can monitor the success of our campaigns right the way through our activity, as well as their return on investment.

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Working with PHA Media has truly been wonderful for Smile Train UK. Our PHA team is knowledgeable and professional. They have many creative ideas and truly understand the needs of our organization. In a short period of time we have seen a substantial increase in cleft awareness in the UK, which is so important as we work hard together to help as many children with cleft lip and palate in the developing world get the free cleft surgery and related treatment they so desperately need.

Shari Mason, Vice President Marketing & Communications Smile Train

The great team at PHA have been a huge part of our campaign to rebrand the Young Enterprise charity with our Save A Lost Generation campaign. With their help in only a few weeks we hit the national media with a full page piece in The Sun, and ITV news item, several lead. PHA has the news sense, the contacts and the energy to make a real difference. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Paul Eastham, Head of Communications at Young Enterprise

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