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Social Media

Social media is the present and the future. Our in house social media experts plan, design, launch and manage all of your social media channels, from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Google Plus, LinkedIn to Snapchat.

We develop weekly content plans, create and post engaging content from branded messaging or topical content, through to videos and GIFs. We develop bespoke or integrated campaigns, run competitions or paid for campaigns and we manage your social communities, monitoring and engaging with your audience on a daily basis, across all social channels.

Working either as full service delivery or as strategic partners managing one off campaigns, or delivering impactful blogger outreach programmes, we constantly evaluate trends and competitors, providing comprehensive monthly reporting measuring growth, engagement and sentiment.

Website Design & Delivery

Your website is your virtual window on the world.  It represents you or your brand 24/7.  We design and develop fully responsive sites, from micro sites through comprehensive, scalable website solutions to help you maximise your digital footprint.

Working with our experienced In-house Creative Designers, we project manage from start to launch, including UX wire frames, technical specifications and cross platform testing.  We develop future proofed Content Management Systems, provide secure hosting and on-going monthly website management and analytic reporting.

Logo design & branding

Does your logo or brand identity enhance you or your business? In today’s crowded landscape, a strong brand presence helps your company to cut through the noise and clutter, delivering a clear picture of who you are or what you do. It shows you are modern and multi-platform, creating a market presence and positioning that is unique to you.

At PHA Media, our team of brand strategists, conceptualise, design and project manage meaningful and authentic branding for companies big and small, from start-ups, to entrepreneurs or individual personalities.

We will work with your vision to create a logo design and brand guidelines that work within digital and print. Our team of designers and branding experts will help to develop the identity and representation of your brand. We tailor a bespoke, cost effective package based on your requirements, using our three phased process.

Creative & Digital Services

We deliver a range of bespoke services;

Blogger Outreach

We engage with bloggers, vloggers, brand ambassadors and key influencers through our industry contacts or reach out via our in-house mapping software. We plan and manage ambassadorships, digital influencer campaigns and host and run blogger events; managing the entire relationship on your behalf to maximise your online reach and return on investment.

Content Creation

We design and deliver individual content and design solutions to meet your campaign requirements, from infographics to animated GIFs to E-Newsletters and html E-mail campaigns to motion graphics through to full video production.

Reputation Management & Monitoring

Our in-house software allows us to monitor your online brand or reputation 24/7. This includes live sentiment, mentions and reach, through to historic searches or competitor analysis. We run this continuously, to provide a live snapshot of your brand, or alternatively we provide a one off solution for online crisis reputation issues, for which we can then develop and implement a range of SEO strategies.

King Of Soho Gin | PHA Media

The King of Soho Gin

To launch and manage the King of Soho gin on social media.

RED Driving School

We devised a social media strategy that would encompass all social channels and communicate key content strands: Learner Drivers, Pass Tips and Road Safety

Audreystyle Social Media

Audreystyle are a UK based online lifestyle boutique featuring high quality beauty and lifestyle products from around the world. After initially creating th

Kaleidoscope: Blogger Campaign

To build long term relationships with key UK fashion bloggers who would showcase the fashion offer from Kaleidoscope.

  • I have an in-house Social Media team, how will you work with them to run our social channels?

    I have an in-house Social Media team, how will you work with them to run our social channels?

    We provide flexible solutions, tailored for you. We can provide a full service social media service managing every aspect of your social channels. For some clients, we work closely with their in-house teams to integrate marketing plans as part of weekly content plans. We provide helpdesk management, often working closely with in-house customer service teams. Alternatively, we can work just to provide on-going monthly strategy or run one-off campaigns.

  • Can I approve every social media post that is sent?

    Can I approve every social media post that is sent?

    We work closely with each of our clients to fully understand their brand and industry. We create a tone of voice guideline at the beginning of our relationship, and then develop weekly content plans for top level sign off and to build brand trust. Due to the speed of social we may often post additional news agenda or other content without sign off, however for any specific or contentious issues we will always engage with you first.

  • Which industries do you specialise in for social media?

    Which industries do you specialise in for social media?

    Whilst we specialise in the consumer, lifestyle and sport arenas, our in-house teams have a wide range of experience across an extremely varied range of industries! The core principles and best practises of social media remain the same; however, we fully immerse ourselves in your industry to understand the best strategy moving forward. This includes competitor analysis, industry news and key influencer monitoring.

  • What about Social media crisis management?

    What about Social media crisis management?

    Due to the 24/7 nature of social, we are always on hand to guide our clients through any potential issues. This includes online crisis evaluation and response. Should a crisis escalate, there is also the experience of the main PHA Media Crisis Management PR team as a backup.

  • How do you charge for social media and how much does it cost?

    How do you charge for social media and how much does it cost?

    For a majority of clients, we work on a monthly retained basis. Costs are dependent on the amount of channels, the frequency of posts and content formats, and community management requirements. We also work on a quarterly fee just to provide either social strategies or background social support, or we can work as a one off consultancy or campaign package.

  • What kind of social reporting can I expect?

    What kind of social reporting can I expect?

    We provide a top level weekly report which outlines KPIs such as growth, engagement, and clicks (subject to access to your Google Analytics). We then provide a comprehensive, in-depth monthly report covering additional aspects such as sentiment, which content was most effective, along with evaluating what hasn’t been as effective as planned and why.

  • What value can an external social agency add to my business?

    What value can an external social agency add to my business?

    Engaging an external social agency means having a dedicated, expert team on hand focused on maximising your social channels and to ensure that you are across all trends. Look at us as a separate pair of dedicated, experienced eyes, in a very competitive arena. We identify clear KPIs from the outset to ensure you can monitor success and are assured of ROI.

  • How do you work with bloggers?

    How do you work with bloggers?

    We source, engage and manage the entire blogger relationship on your behalf. This includes agreeing all aspects of social media engagement, running ambassador relationships, through to planning and managing blogger events. Importantly we only recommend and work with bloggers that match your brand or messaging requirements.

  • Can we use you just to produce digital content?

    Can we use you just to produce digital content?

    Absolutely! Our in-house design teams can produce a range of creative content from logo and brand design, infographics, animated GIFS (for social competitions for example), motion graphics, videos, cinemagraphs through to HTML e-mails. We either quote on a one off basis or work as a retained fee.

  • Do you do SEO?

    Do you do SEO?

    We deliver a range of SEO strategies, from website SEO audits and recommendations, onsite website content strategies (evergreen content), social media strategies (which are fully indexed by Google) and PPC. Our strategies are developed to raise profiles, or to counter negative online reputation issues. All of our work is monitored, measured and reported.

  • How do you monitor my brand’s online reputation & what does it cost?

    How do you monitor my brand’s online reputation & what does it cost?

    We use our own in-house software to track all mentions of you or your brand across all the key social media and online channels. This includes mentions, sentiment, reach and engagement. We can provide live alerts around negative sentiment for example, and have the ability to drill down to the specific mentions, and we can source up to 7 years of historic social content. Both of these aspects are particularly relevant during any reputation management issue. From a cost perspective, we provide three different packages, based on the estimated number of mentions per month. For specific crisis management cases we provide a separate package which includes live alerts 24/7 and daily reporting.

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