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We have expertise in

Health product PR

We have worked with many businesses that have launched health products to the UK market.

Our approach to PR means that with the majority of our clients we develop with them not only a launch campaign but a post launch campaign, to ensure there is on-going awareness of the product after the launch.

Whether you are looking to target consumer or trade media with your product, we have a contact book that spans a wide range of media and allows us to deliver highly targeted, effective campaigns.

Health services PR

When promoting a health service we understand that education and experience of the media and consumer is key.

We work closely with clients to fully understand what their service offers and suggest how best to communicate this to the media and consumer.

This is likely to be a multifaceted approach using case studies, expert commentary, journalist meetings, experiential activity and events.

Using such an approach allows us to communicate with a wide range of media, ensuring our clients’ services are always front of the media and consumers’ minds.

Brand awareness

With any health brand it’s crucial to ensure on-going consumer awareness of the product or service available.

We have vast experience of delivering on-going PR campaigns for clients guaranteeing regular and relevant media coverage.

We work closely with our health clients to ensure the correct messaging flows through all our activity so that the media and consumer truly understanding the offering. Our creative thinking allows us to deliver ideas that keep campaigns fresh and of interest to the media, a crucial element of maintaining market share.

Profile Raising / Voice of the Industry

Health PR focuses largely on education of both the press and the consumer. We work closely with our health clients to establish a trusted and respected voice and personality that allows the message surrounding the business to be communicated in an effective way.

Many of the health clients we work with are either already associated with highly respected clinicians, or are looking to associate with such an individual.

We have the expertise to work with these experts and also source experts to effectively give health clients a voice in the relevant media.



LighterLife is one of the UK's most successful weight loss brands. PHA Media devised an all-encompassing strategy

Karidis Clinics

Karidis Clinics

PHA Media helped to establish Mr Karidis as the media’s go to expert for cosmetic surgery expert commentary pieces.

Streamline Surgical

Streamline Surgical

In celebration of the opening of the UK’s first dedicated weight loss surgery clinic, PHA were briefed to develop a campaign to launch the new clinic .

Breakthrough Cancer

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Breakthrough Breast Cancer launched a new fundraising campaign called Breakthrough Booby Birds.

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"PHA Media has been integral in helping change brand perceptions in the media. The strategy they developed has certainly help grow the business in the last year."

Lucy Northmore, PR Manager LighterLife

"We have worked with PHA media for over 3 years and in that time they have played an instrumental role in the growth of our business. PHA have been much more than just a PR agency, advising us not only on PR but also playing a key role in developing our marketing initiatives, developing our website and planning and hosting various patient events. As a business, we have seen a clear correlation between the work PHA do and new patients. The press coverage they secure us across print and broadcast media is always on message and of a high quality."

David Steene, Partner Streamline Surgical

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