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Logo Design and Branding

We have expertise in

Optimising Your Brand/Discovery

Starting from the ground up, we will work with you to understand clearly what your brand is all about and how you wish people to perceive it. We will look at different styles and techniques to communicate this effectively. There will be extensive research done into how you compare to your contemporaries and how we can make you stand out in an ever crowded market. This research will inform the design decisions made future down the line.

Logo & Brand Design

We look into your brand messages and the audience you want to target in order to create your brand image. Taking from research we have carried out, along with discussions with you we will craft a logo and over arching brand image for you. Working with a broad range of ideas, we will refine and develop these ideas into a finished and polished brand identity.

Brand Guidelines & Toolkits

Once a brand is created, consistency will be key. Keeping your brand’s message clear and consistent is hugely important in perception and identity. People should be able to recognize your brand instantly and quickly. We will do this by creating a set of brand guidelines. This is your rulebook for all material you produce. From outlining fonts and colours, to logo placement and more.

Re-branding Smaller Projects

Times are always changing, and sometimes brands can become outdated and lower their relevance in the current market just by looking old fashioned. Some brands don’t need a giant overhaul in order to update themselves. More often than not a fresh set of eyes on a brand can help tweak your existing message to better represent your brands current ambitions and goals. People are much more aware of brand perception than they even realise, we make snap judgements about brands quickly. If your image is outdated and your competitor’s isn’t, people may choose them over you.

Audreystyle Branding

We were set the task of designing the Logo and Brand Guidelines for a start up Lifestyle store called Audreystyle.

Hip Joint Surgery Website

Dr Johan Witt is a a renowned consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. We were tasked with re-branding and designing the website.

West End Drinks

For West End Drinks we were tasked with creating a brand from scratch. This included a Logo and Website.

Andrew Watson Racing Case Study | PHA Media

Andrew Watson Branding

Website and Branding for Andrew Watson, a Northern Irish Racing Driver, who competed in the 2014 Ginetta Supercup championship.

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  • Hip Joint Surgery
  • Audreystyle
  • Andrew Watson Racing Logo
    Andrew Watson Racing
  • West End Drinks

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