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Training to prepare for media interviews

A comprehensive course on how to prepare for any media interview, whether it be print, radio or TV or online.

The full or half day session, for up to three delegates, will take you through every aspect of the preparation and execution of an interview, with time built in for key message clarification and at least two mock interviews with playback and critique.

Training for CEOs and business leaders

CEOs and business leaders are in constant demand from the media but often turn down opportunities for invaluable publicity due to lack of preparation or confidence.

Our course is tailored specifically to the needs of successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs, allowing them to develop a distinctive, authoritative media persona, communicate strident opinions and deal effectively with any sensitive, commercial questions.

Training for sports people and clubs

Sportspeople can become victims of their own success when they are thrust into the media spotlight at an early age.

We work with individuals and clubs to ensure that they are well prepared to capitalise on media attention, rather than capitulate under the pressure; our course caters for groups of players and officials of any size, and we often travel to conduct the training in house.

Specific examples are used and typical scenarios created, such as pre-match press conferences and post-match interviews.

Crisis management simulator training

PHA Media’s crisis simulator training is designed to prepare for any eventuality.

The course revolves around a ‘real life’ scenario that plays out in half day or full day sessions. Delegates, from key internal communications professionals or whole press teams, are tasked with dividing responsibilities and dealing with the crisis quickly and effectively, from briefing all stakeholders to preparing media statements.

Fresh complications are added throughout, designed to challenge and improve strategies. At the end of the course, footage from the day is shown to all delegates along with a comprehensive review of the process.


“The PR training the marketing team have been provided with by PHA Media was out of this world, feedback from the team was that it was the most complete PR training they have ever received.”

Simon Dolan, Managing Director, SJD Accountancy

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