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Product & Service Launches

You only get one shot at a product or service launch, so it’s crucial to get things right.

We take the time to immerse ourselves in your business, ensuring we understand your vision before we go to press. We’re not just ‘selling you in’, but acting as true brand advocates.

Product placement and reviews are key, whether you’re promoting an app, website or piece of hardware, but we’ll also work with you to explore all other angles we could use to generate media awareness, making sure you kick off with a bang.

Opinion Leadership

Any and every business, large or small, will have a unique view on what’s going on within their industry and the issues affecting their sector. Our aim is to take your expertise and put you at the centre of the debate.

Whether it’s TV, radio, a column or a letter to editor, we help clients articulate their thoughts and get their voice heard day in, day out.

For entrepreneurs looking to build their profile, we also provide training and briefings to ensure they feel prepared and are able to maximise every interview and comment opportunity.

Creative Campaigns

Note, campaign not stunt. We don’t believe in a ‘flash in the pan’ approach to larger projects. Instead we engineer activities that add real value to your brand on a long-term basis.

Recent examples include our award-winning #PowwowHELPMEnow campaign, which saw a dramatic increase in the client’s website traffic and social media reach; and the XYZprinting Schools Design Competition, which enabled the brand to effectively engage UK schools for the first time.


For rapidly-growing tech startups in particular, we know how important financing is to realise ambitious goals. With this in mind, we help our clients use PR to build up their credibility through financial and business profiling to reach potential VCs and investors, as well as consumers.

Keeping front of mind in the media helps to build commercial value behind a business, and we have played a key role in preparing clients for investment, growth and sale. Examples include GripIt Fixings, who we helped to drum up support for their highly successful crowdfunding campaign, and, which floated in December 2015 at £240 million.


We worked with Paris-based Happn to help it grow its fledgling app into one of the UK’s favourite dating platforms, now with over 1 million users.

We helped launch and grow, raising its profile to become’s ‘Startup of the Year’ before floating at £240 million.


Tasked with making conference calling fun and engaging, we helped Powwownow inject some real personality into its press coverage.

xyz printing tech pr case study

XYZ Printing

Looking to make 3D printers around the home a reality, we worked with XYZprinting to put their consumer-friendly product range on the radar.

  • Why do I need tech PR?

    Why do I need tech PR?

    Technology is all about what’s new and exciting in the world – the best stories are too. But there’s only so much exciting that can fit into one newspaper, and even online has its limits. Investing in PR can help you gain trust, credibility and extra leverage to ensure you stand out from the crowd, and that yours is the story the media go for time and time again. It can also help you with developing brand messages and core values to carve out your identity.

  • What kind of tech do you cover?

    What kind of tech do you cover?

    We’ve got a wide range of experience between us, and have worked with established household names and startups alike, both B2B and B2C. Our current client roster includes a 3D printer manufacturer, a smartcard technology firm, a fintech company, a healthcare platform and a variety of apps from property to dating. We have achieved fantastic results for all our tech clients. For example, for GAME, we achieved staggering coverage securing features/articles/interviews every single day across the UK media. We also ran a number of highly creative stunts which generated brand exposure and reached an audience of millions.

  • We’ve never thought about PR before, is that a problem?

    We’ve never thought about PR before, is that a problem?

    Not at all – we’ve worked with several brands that have never had any kind of PR support before, and are very happy to guide you through the process. We appreciate it’s an investment and that you may be wary at first, but we’ll work closely with you to build trust and a winning strategy to get your brand in front of the right audiences.

  • We’ve got a tech business, but don’t just want tech coverage. Can you help?

    We’ve got a tech business, but don’t just want tech coverage. Can you help?

    The beauty of being a multi-sector agency is that we have an unrivalled contacts book that spans all forms of media and all topics. So we can absolutely help you reach audiences beyond tech fanatics and will work with you to understand your priorities.

  • What value can an external PR agency add to my tech business?

    What value can an external PR agency add to my tech business?

    Engaging an external PR agency means having a dedicated, expert team on hand focused on raising your profile in the media and among your target audiences, leaving you free to do what you do best. We have vast experience in delivering outstanding results for clients, whatever their objectives, working with international, national and trade publications as well as influential news sites. Exact results will of course vary from client to client depending on their goals, but we identify clear KPIs from the outset to ensure you can monitor success and are assured of ROI.

  • How soon will your PR campaign start showing results?

    How soon will your PR campaign start showing results?

    This will again vary from client to client, but we would ideally start working with you two weeks before the contract start date for an immersion and planning period. This enables us to hit the ground running and start securing opportunities from the word go.

  • How much can I expect to pay?

    How much can I expect to pay?

    We work with a range of clients, from entrepreneurs and their start up business to multi-national businesses. As a result, our fees vary based on the requirements and objectives of the client. Regardless of fee, we offer guaranteed deliverables and KPIs to everyone we work with to ensure that a high level of coverage is generated, which is in multiple excess of the PR investment. The greater the PR budget, the more resource, energy, and coverage we can generate for any business.

  • We’re a tech business and want to increase our profile within our existing verticals and other trade press. Can you help?

    We’re a tech business and want to increase our profile within our existing verticals and other trade press. Can you help?

    We have a wide range of global B2B tech PR experience in the team covering verticals such as telecoms, cyber security, satellite, IT Tech and many more. This means we know the best media to contact to position your company and key spokespeople as the thought leaders across the tech and trade landscape.

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#powwowHELPMEnow has been one of the most successful marketing campaigns that we have executed here at Powwownow. The team at PHA came up with the idea and worked with us tirelessly to execute it resulting in a significant rise in both our Twitter conversations and website traffic. We’re excited to see the impact of our 2016 plans!

Jacqui Beel, Head of Content Marketing at Powwownow

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