The PHA Group have been working with OPRO, the world’s leading sports mouthguard provider, for over two years.

In April 2019, they tasked us with launching the OPRO+, a revolutionary new mouthguard that contained a chip inside it. The OPRO+ is a technological solution for measuring and monitoring the impact of force to the head. The chip inside the mouthguard measures the impact from all collisions in real time and sends the data back to a computer which is being monitored by coaches and medical staff.

On Saturday 27th April, 2019 at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Ospreys and Cardiff Blues players took to the field wearing OPRO+ mouthguards during their Judgement Day match. We needed to ensure that the new mouthguard made headlines and would not be diluted by match reports of the Judgement Day fixture – one of the biggest weekends in British club rugby.


pieces of coverage around the launch of OPRO+
broadcast outlets covered the story including Sky Sports and BT Sport
across both sports and tech press