Sam Leach runs Samuel and Co Trading, an FX trading training company that educates young people on how to trade the FX and stock markets successfully, ethically and responsibly. Samuel and Co exists in a market that is associated with scams and ‘get rich quick’ schemes which mislead young people. We were tasked with differentiating Samuel and Co Trading as an ethical, successful training company, and in doing so, raise Sam’s personal profile as a knowledgeable, credible self-made entrepreneur committed to educating others in an industry with so much false information.

Sam had been on the receiving end of some negative press coverage due to his personal wealth. Our job was to positively change his reputation in the media, to build his credibility as a successful entrepreneur and benefit his business as a result.


pieces of coverage
existing presumptions and negative news stories
secured in Sam’s cryptocurrency Yield Coin as a result of our coverage